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A Christmas Tradition

So thankful for the time spent putting up our Christmas tree.  A few years from now my son will be putting up his own tree, but I hope it will always be that we put this one up together, along with the other invited friends and loved ones as this tradition has been the past several years.  Soft inspiring music, warm cups, and smiles.IMG_20151207_214230567


vs. 5 cont’d  Nothing can separate me from Jesus’s love (Romans 8:28) or His power to save and protect (and the omniscient wisdom of how best, and when to bring the situations He deems necessary to pass.)

vs. 6   In this secure position, and with the confidence (vs. 3) that I am purposing to have, I can know I shall be victorious through the enemy attacks.  So much so that I should act like the victory is now.  Praise, thanksgiving, and singing unto the LORD are my response when I truly realize God’s watch-care of me and His amazing ability and desire to carry me victoriously through my battles.-   Rest joyfully in Him!


vs. 5  This open door of communion, a spirit that desires dwelling with the Lord, also provides access to God’s places of refuge where He shall hide me in the time of trouble.  His places of hiding are secret.  The world can’t understand and doesn’t see them.  Their effectiveness in hiding me is directly related to my desire and implementation in dwelling “in the house of the Lord”.  When trouble lurks, I must be “in doors”.

I must also trust where God “sets” me, for (even if it doesn’t feel like it) I am “up upon a rock”-safe from the battering storm.  God actually directed and told the Isrealites exactly where to stand when they got “hemmed in” by Pharoh’s persuing army and the Red Sea.  God knew they would be “cornered”, but He hid them with His cloud and parted a sea to rescue them – all for His glory, to reveal His watch-care  for them. (This should have built their faith.)

Nothing can separate me from this love (Romans 8:38-39), or this power to save and protect, coupled with the omniscient wisdom of how best, and when, to bring the situations He deems necessary to pass.

God’s merciful grace, His unconditional, unmerited love has done all the work to set me upon a rock; and that Rock is JESUS CHRIST.


vs. 4  Desire to dwell in the house of the LORD – to abide with Him.  When trouble comes, stay close to Him (stay faithful to church!)  More than that, my daily walk must be in the “house” of the LORD.  I am His temple!  Is it fitting to call me “His House”?  He dwells within me…Am I a place He is comfortable in? a place He can call “home”?

In addition to this aspect, I am compelled to consider my house.  I do desire my house, where I live, to be “the house of the LORD“.  When I (or anyone else) walk through my door, I should be surrounded by a “Christ centered” atmosphere.  I want to “behold the beauty of the LORD” at my house.

-pleasant, harmonious, God glorifying music

-decent & orderly

-sweet smelling


-safe haven

-bright & cheerful

-hospitable & cozy

-without strife

When I desire to make myself and the surroundings I can control reflect “Christ-centeredness”, I open a greater door of access to be able to ‘enquire’  of the LORD.  He is welcomed here.


vs 1 (cont’d)  God is the Strength of my life – Who better to depend on than the Giver and taker of life.  He is able!

He understands my weaknesses and is ahead of the attack, prepared with a plan to “cut it off at the pass” and hedge me about.  The troubles I face are FOR my strengthening!

vs 2  I am safe from attacks against me by my mortal enemies – those whose wickedness would have them stop at nothing in their desire to destroy me.  They will be defeated by God – not me.

vs 3  Even if facing an entire army (or mountain of trouble), I need to have confidence in God’s strength.

My attention should not be focused on any foes or obstacles of life.  My concentration must be on seeking after the LORD.

God has told me He’s taking care of my foes – to continue concerning myself with that is to distrust and question God.  I’m supposed to be taking care of my relationship with God – that’s what He’s given me to do.  I’m invited to be close to Him and bask in His Presence.

To choose to use energy and brain cells on anything else would be an offense to GOD.  If someone in your care didn’t trust you with the “little things” (which are everything to GOD), how would you feel!

Whom shall I fear? PSALM 27 – pt.1

Vs. 1  “The  Lord is  my light  and  my salvation; whom shall  I fear?”

My Light – Light  scares away “bad guys”. Light deters wrong doing and evil (on my part,too).  Light for my path (ps 119) gives me direction.

My Salvation  – for when I need a Savior. Thank  God  for my Salvation,  but  He’s  also my Savior – the Savior of my life ‘in the land of the living’.  When my “light” doesn’t scare away the bad guys, or wrong doing or evil get too close, He’s there to direct (or convict) me. Even when I bring it on myself, He’s  STILL there to save me.

If (since) God is for me, who shall be against me? (Rom. 8:31)

Whom shall I  fear?  – FEAR GOD

The Lord is the strength of my life…Because He Lives!


Pride is the Great Transgression

vs. 14  The revelation of Who God is and What He is Like brings the psalmist to seek a clean heart in vs. 11-13.  This God “real-ity” brings focus and “real-ity” on who we are and what we are like.

A right spirit of humility and repentance sets the foundation for renewed fellowship with God.  A daily, constant consideration of the Lord in word and thought and heart attitude (mind, body, spirit-“with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my mind” Matt. 22:26.)

This relationship assures the psalmist that God is keeping him safe, giving him strength for today, and giving him an eternal place with Him forever.  GREAT REWARD!


vs. 12-14  The glimpse of Himself that God reveals can only generate a humble, shameful view of ourselves, and (hopefully) an immediate desire to get our hearts and lives right to promote the fellowship granted us with our Awesome God.

vs. 12  We don’t view our own sin undistorted.  We deceive ourselves.  Also, we don’t have God’s perception for motives and His wisdom when we spend our minutes, where our thoughts go, or how we respond to or instigate situations.

Secret faults are issues that, like our sin, only God sees as they really are and understands.  Faults in our “personallity”, mental and emotional, that have been so engrained in us that we refuse to (deceiving ourselves) identify as sin -“just a querk of my personality.”

vs. 13  Presumptious sins are nothing but PRIDE.  It gets a whole catagory of its own.  Is our “devotion” to God (church attendance, proper dress, family) rooted in pride?  The sin of pride is alive and inscrutable , and out to trip us up.  Here, the psalmist requires God’s help to understand pride having “dominion” over him.  Pride wants to own and rule us; and it  will  if we don’t have God’s supernatural power.  One must denonstrate “anti-pride”–to submit and yield one’s self to the only pride antedote–the Holy Spirit!

Pride is the Great Transgression.
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the fragrance of spring

A blessed moment after a long workday.   As I enjoy the sunshine through the glowing petals of my plum trees, and drink in their honey sweet perfume, the day’s toil melts away.  As I write this, I hear the church bells from across town, wafting to my ear.  Thank You, Father!

The view from my patio.
The view from my patio.