vs 14  I pray, LORD, I am still bringing forth fruit when I am old; that I’m not one of those (I’m sorry to say, it’s a trap people fall into) Christians who live on the memories & stories of the Christian walk they once lived, making excuses for why they do nothing now.  These do this while complaining how empty, hard, and lonely their life is.  God’s commandments do not have an age limit on them; young or old are to obey.- We are His bride and it’s ‘Not even in death do we part.’  Hallelujah!

HOW DO I LOVE THEE – PSALM 92 (PT 12 con’d)

I am unable to move past the word “planted” in verse 13.

I considered what it is to be planted in my last post, but  planted is also an action.  I began meditating (as I garden) on planting and God.

My favorite verse, some call it a ‘Life verse’, is :   And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. Gen 2:8.  This is the first mention in the Bible of the term ‘planted’, and it was God’s doing.

Perhaps staying planted is something we must be participants in, as I commented on in the last post, but God Himself is the One Who implements the planting.  This is true that He orchestrates all that brings us to be a part of a local church, where we should remain planted in the Word and in our Christian lifestyle.

Psalm 1 illustrates a prosperous Christian as being planted in the place of blessing. Further, Romans 6:5 says, For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:  All these “planted“s are initiated by God.

The last mention, also significant, is one that we are called to perpetuate, where the Apostle Paul is speaking of sharing the Gospel:  1 Cor. 3:6 I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.



vs 13  If we desire to flourish in the court of the LORD  we must be “planted” in the house of the LORD.  The court of the Lord is in time to come, but the house of the LORD is here and now.  The word shall indicates a promise, which GOD is sure to keep.

Are we definitely “siding with God”?  Are we ‘planted’ in a local, Bible believing Christian church?  Is it a lackadaisical, non-committed participation?    Flourishing means we are getting water and food. Planted means we are ‘in the ground’.



vs  12 Our church body encourages each other in hope of the promise that one day the devil and his agents, that worked so tirelessly against our goals, will be put down – and we will see it.  Verse 11 is a promise.  Verse 12 is the counterpoint to Vs. 11.  Those who belong to the LORD – Born Again Believers (because none are righteous apart from Jesus’ sacrificial blood), who God considers righteous shall (a promise) flourish and grow – not material.



Vs 10  back-pedaling.  I must revisit vs. 10.  to the words Fresh Oil. We know the OIL is the Spirit of God.

Fresh, new way to relate to Him; from His part, He deals with me in a renewed way daily.  ” It is of the Lord‘s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.  They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” (Lam. 3:22-23)  It is from Him we have a new walk in our daily life; separated, away from the grind of this rat race.

When I entered this journey into Psalm 92, I saw the message of how my life reflects my love for Jesus, but as I’ve been posting and in other areas of my life, the idea of  “I know God loves me, but am I someone that He likes” has become a theme.  I have many people in my life that I truly and unconditionally love; my children , for instance, (and God often uses my relationship with my children to teach me about my relationship with Him), but there have been times when my children were not at the top of my ‘A’ list, so to speak.

Am I that way with God?  Am I someone He not only loves, because He promised it, and that is His nature? but someone He likes?  My study into the scripture and meditations are focused lately on this idea of who Jesus called ‘friend’.  That’s how I want Him to think of me.


vs. 11  Seeing my desire on mine enemies …God wins!!

– He is true to me, I’ll stick by Him.  Anyone who has ever mocked a Christian for his Biblical stand (or done worse) puts himself in opposition to God, not the believer.

This is the moment they’ll remember…the fork in the road…one way leads to blissful eternity in the place where the King of the universe lives, the other road ends in everlasting torments with utter loneliness…only pain and one’s own memories of unalterable regrets.

I’ll take the road to Jesus! thanks!

Gracegarden Florist

Opening Day 1/22/2018  This year I have taken a leap of faith and left my hourly position to open my own flower shop.  The Lord has provided the money and the open doors as I prayerfully sought His direction.  So now it’s official!  Please also support me in prayer as I continue to rely on God to supply my needs and provide wisdom and leadership daily. Check out


vs.  10  Blessed Assurance – Heaven

We will feel like kings, exalted – The Bible says we will “reign with Him” Rev. 20:6. That’s a promise!

Anointed with fresh oil – like a new day, fresh and clean from the shower; but far, far cleaner than we can understand, now with a  new and fresh relationship with the Oil , which is the Holy Spirit.

Seeing how He wants to bestow such blessings and honor on us, should we not consider what honor we are giving Him each day ?