The Birds have Come to My Garden

The day before yesterday I was awakened while it was still very dark out by the familiar warbling song of my friend, the house wren.  He is a tiny, energetic, promiscuous bird with great lungs.  One of the few birds that will nest in a hanging birdhouse.  I was blessed with a ceramic one hanging here when I moved in.  We have had wrens every year that fill the garden with warbling song from morning till night.

Yesterday afternoon I heard a ruckus in the yard and  found several catbirds racing to and fro, playing tag and chase.  Two seem to be a pair and I expect to have a nest in my American cranberry bush viburnum again this year, which makes me very happy.  This large, tall shrub grows up and against my sunroom , allowing me front row seating to the musical performance catbirds can produce.  They are mimickers, and can copy other birds, or just sounds in general.  They are most famous for the wheezy call sounding like a cat, hence their name, but they do sing lots of different2014-05-01 07.44.45, pretty songs.

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