Cherry Tree

This tree in my backyard is a special delight to me. It is an ornamental cherry tree-it produces no fruit. At this time in the spring, it is glowing with blossom and you can hear the buzz of bees working in its branches from very far off.  My entire sunroom is redecorated by its new outfit!

I have several woody plants in the “prunus” family.  One real “Mars” cherry, which is semi-dwarf and self-polinating, a very large bunching cherry, which planted itself, and has a weeping habit, and lots of tiny fruits the birds love.  I also have  several Nanking cherries which are large shrubs with fruit for birds, and four American plum trees which are also not very tasty to me, but the birds and squirrels love them.

All of these plants flower wonderfully in spring and provide excellent food source for my certified backyard wildlife habitat. 2014-04-24 07.22.42

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