vs. 12-14  The glimpse of Himself that God reveals can only generate a humble, shameful view of ourselves, and (hopefully) an immediate desire to get our hearts and lives right to promote the fellowship granted us with our Awesome God.

vs. 12  We don’t view our own sin undistorted.  We deceive ourselves.  Also, we don’t have God’s perception for motives and His wisdom when we spend our minutes, where our thoughts go, or how we respond to or instigate situations.

Secret faults are issues that, like our sin, only God sees as they really are and understands.  Faults in our “personallity”, mental and emotional, that have been so engrained in us that we refuse to (deceiving ourselves) identify as sin -“just a querk of my personality.”

vs. 13  Presumptious sins are nothing but PRIDE.  It gets a whole catagory of its own.  Is our “devotion” to God (church attendance, proper dress, family) rooted in pride?  The sin of pride is alive and inscrutable , and out to trip us up.  Here, the psalmist requires God’s help to understand pride having “dominion” over him.  Pride wants to own and rule us; and it  will  if we don’t have God’s supernatural power.  One must denonstrate “anti-pride”–to submit and yield one’s self to the only pride antedote–the Holy Spirit!

Pride is the Great Transgression.
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