Play Me

I don’t know what triggered it, but the song ‘Play Me’ by Neil Diamond popped into my head the other day, and I have been singing it over and over.  I’ve even encouraged the process by playing it (over and over).  I sing it to the LORD.

“He is the SUN I am the Moon.”  I love the picture. 

I know the relationship between the sun and moon is a type of me reflecting the light of the Son to a lonely world floating in darkness.  Earth has no way to illuminate itself.  ALL light (and warmth) on earth is in some way generated by the sun.

“Play me” is my invitation to Him.  Without Him I can do nothing.  And how beautiful would my relationship to Jesus be if I could release myself to be ‘played’ like an instrument, like the clay I’m supposed to be, solely to be the orchestration of His hand.  I want it to be so.

“Words that rang in me…and what was Right became me.”  God’s Word pursued me.  Jesus and His Word (one in the same somehow) made me Born Again and His Moon.

“another grace would save me” The word ‘grace’ always makes me think of God. Over and over He gives me grace again. Tries to teach my stubborn heart or assures me again of the same doubts and fears. He never gives up or goes away…or runs out of grace.

I’ve been talking to the Lord about this and we’ve been listening together.

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