Thinking About Noah

I have been more aware of God’s amazing provision more acutely lately. Ashamedly realizing how ungrateful I’ve been at the same time, makes me amazed at the blessing and attention He continues to bestow. Why this makes me think of Noah, I don’t know.

First it made me think of Elijah being fed by raven’s by God’s design, and him having to trust the needful sustenance would be there when his stomach was growling. It must have been extremely strange. Certainly cause for anxiety. And ravens are not “clean” animals (Lev. 11:13), so Elijah must have been wondering, “I don’t understand this, God.” – I can relate.

But then I came to Noah in my considerations. His circumstances were totally strange – weird even. Today Noah would seem like Jules Verne, building some contraption for ‘rain’ – a new phenomenon. He had to wonder what God was doing; why was He making him go through this labor and for what?

I think Noah must have experienced – and (more importantly) paid attention to God’s provision in his life already. He had a basis for trusting God and thereby, the open door to more trusting and bigger blessing – stepping foot off the ark and onto a completely new world – BIG.

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