Keep Psalm Part 3

vs. 5 – is spoken like a promise: thou shalt not or a command, even.

The promise is if I dwell & abide I will not be afraid, which is the opposite of the trust I declared in vs. 2.  But, it could be a command to “fear not”, in which case I need to dwell &2014-04-09 16.06.39 abide in order to have the guts to obey it.  And look at what I’m not supposed to be afraid of:

terror in the dark & arrows shooting at me in broad daylight!

Terror is hard not to be afraid of.  It will take some Holy Spirit Filling and some super-natural power to overcome terror-but GOD promised…And someone very evil and focused on my destruction enough to shoot me down with flying arrows (darts of the wicked) in broad daylight(where I’m vulnerable) is very frightening-but GOD promised-NO FEAR-Not with Him!

I’m glad You see in the dark, LORD – Thank You; and I’m glad I do trust You, that You have my back-always.  I know no one’s arrows can get past You!  Thank You!

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