Keep Psalm Part 1

2014-04-09 16.06.39This psalm is so full of promises. -What A blessing !

vs. 1.  These promises are spoken so matter-of-fact; but all of God’s promises are a sure thing.-SOLID.

I am living in God’s shadow, within His sight, under His protection, in his reach, when I am a Christian, but perhaps this says something deeper. I  am all of these things but too often I side-step God’s safety net and step from His shadow (on purpose) which is not done by the Christian who is abiding.

In order to claim God’s very solid promise opening this psalm, I must see it is given to one dwelling – living with God in His secret place.  That’s intimate.  He calls Himself “Most High“.  This most amazing, excellent, “most popular” person is so seeking a special, intimate relationship just for Him with me that He has put out all these enticing, life improving  promotions (promises).

-Am I seeking Him too?  Am I making Him feel our relationship is all        “one-way”?

-Do I really share things with Him?

If I am dwelling properly – in peace and harmony- I will abide in that place.  Under God’s shadow is also a submissive position, I believe. (He can’t keep me safe if I don’t follow the “rules of the house”.)  One who abides is not constrained or forced.  Abiding sounds pleasant.  When I live pleasantly in a right relationship with Jesus, His wonderful Presence is with me-always.  Seeking and following the Holy Spirit’s leadership and direction provide  power to do what’s right; I get God, the Most High’s protection and get to live in His secret place!

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