vs. 5  The Lord’s works are so great and amazing.  It also says the way He thinks is “very deep”.  We can only stand in awe when we glimpse or get a small taste of His wisdom and orchestration- His sovereignty.

First, to think that YOU are concerned for me, and the things YOU do are specially specific to me and my life right now and are connected with the lives, and specific to the lives of all the people around me that YOU love, too; that is awesome, but then to know YOU are also keeping the universe together.

“By him all things consist.” (Col. 1:17)  The universe is spinning, from the smallest atom to the grandest galaxy, in synchronized, scientific perfection, to laws calculated so we can notice them and know HE is in control. He can do all this free from the “laws of science” (He is not bound by them as we are) he created the laws to show mankind that he is there.

Lord, You are so  GREAT and Your thoughts truly are very deep. You are WONDERFUL!


How Do I Love Thee – Psalm 92 (pt 3)

vs.  4 …is still the psalmist testifying why we get together for – Thou, LORD, – and the the psalmist is now talking directly to God, telling Him that he is certain that what God has done in his life will give him the victory, and how happy he is to have the Lord working in his life.

Many of the psalmists experienced hard life lessons. I can relate to the painful, Christian muscle-building, character strengthening and testing times when God, as a true and faithful, loving Father does what’s right and needful and “hurts Him more than it hurts hurts me”.  But I can also attest to God’s overflowing blessings as a result!