The Glory of GOD – psalm 19 – PT. 7

vs. 10  All that the Bible is-a supernatural book, makes it much more desirable than gold

wealth ~cannot save your soul from hell

~cannot make you wise and help you through life’s woes

~cannot bring you joy, but riches often carry unhappiness

~cannot keep life in focus, but binds you in blindness and fosters greed

~cannot give you respect for GOD and other people, but breeds pride

~cannot give you a true and righteous life-one that is truly satisfying

Honey was the sweetest taste there was in the times these words were penned.  Realizing all the Bible does for its reader ought to cause us to desire to spend time in it.  Realizing the greatness of GOD’s love for us ought to make its words so sweet we seek it often.

vs. 11  These wonderful words are sent specifically to the individual.  It is a love letter written to me! Thy servant.  GOD wants to guard me against danger and keep me from making costly mistakes.  He also doesn’t want me to miss the oppportunity to enjoy some benefits and blessings.  When God says, “great reward“, He really means GREAT; He called all of Creation only “good”!