The Glory of God – Psalm 19 – pt. 6

In this psalm, vs. 1-6 tells of God’s revelation of Himself to us through His amazing Creation – purposed to do just that; vs. 7-9 tells of God’s revelation of Himself to us through His amazing Book – purposed to do just that.


vs. 7-9           His Book

Law of the Lord is Perfect.  What God lays out for us as fact is indeed infalable.  There is NO ERROR. All His promises are sure – for good and bad.

When one sees the amazing perfection of all the the Bible teaches about life and it’s perfect “rightness” in factual knowledge, science, (yes , there’s much science ahead of human discovery) AND prophecy, it causes one to trust God for Salvation – converting the soul.  (God put this first on His list!)

Testimony of the Lord is Sure.  God is “the God Who keeps His promises” and He never changes.  Lining up one’s thinking with the instruction and guidelines given, and standing on biblical truth will make even a simple person wise, and God promises not to make that one ashamed.  On the contrary, He says one who trusts what He says will be respected by others!

Statutes of the Lord are right.  What God says is good and righteous.  Nothing evil, bad , or nasty comes out of God’s Word.  Good things bring Joy; bad = sad.

Commandment of the Lord is pure . God is “true blue”. His rules and commands to us are not so He can “control freak” us.  His motives are pure -pure love.  The more one follows God’s commands, the more he will see His love to us.

Fear of the Lord = respect and awe.  It will drive one to be clean, “be ye holy”.  Everything about God is clean.  Clean is always preferred!…and always will be – get used to it, it’s forever. Selah!

Judgements of the Lord are always right on, all of them, altogether.  From one end of the Book to the other. But, His love for us cannot look the other way on our sin. (That’s not a true and perfect love.)  His long-suffering (and amazing self-control) must never be mistaken as “getting away with” sin.  He is the perfect, loving Father, and His desire and purpose is for His children to get things right.