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I’m Back!

I am just beginning to come back to life.
I realize I have been paralyzed, stricken with horror and pain, holding life like one might hold their breath.
It’s been over 15 years. My children are grown, and now I am truly ‘Solo’.
Now what.
I invite you to come with me as I walk the path before me. Next time I sit to write, I will attempt to describe or document the story for you, and maybe help myself to continue to emerge.
Carol Koniecki

A Christmas Tradition

So thankful for the time spent putting up our Christmas tree.  A few years from now my son will be putting up his own tree, but I hope it will always be that we put this one up together, along with the other invited friends and loved ones as this tradition has been the past several years.  Soft inspiring music, warm cups, and smiles.IMG_20151207_214230567

Time to dig in the dirt

more 002It is spring, glorious Spring!  I got to rake the brown chaff from some garden beds, pull some weeds (already) and see the good soil.  There were clumps of colorful crocus with bees already busy in them.  What a blessing to be out in the sunshine with the birdsong and my clippers!